Booklet for the show SOURIS AU BEC
Musée Tomi Ungerer - Centre international de L'Illustration in Strasbourg
graphic design by my friend and studio mate Franziska Leiste
French, German and English
52 pages
Pantone purple
13 x 21 cm
October 2023


Souris en Résidence
published by Misma Editions
French edition
148 pages
Pantone purple
12,5 x 18 cm
ISBN: 978-2-916254-97-5
October 2022


Chez Schnabel
published by Spector Books
German and English edition
designed by Anja Kaiser
96 pages
22 x 30,5 cm
ISBN: 9783959056038
March 2022

The catalogue for the exhibition Chez Schnabel at the Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig is being published in conjunction with the 2021 LVZ Art Prize award. This is the first publication by artist Anna Haifisch to give an insight into her approach to making comics. The catalogue brings together sketches, references, haikus, notes, and the new short story 1992—a making-of account composed of wobbly animals, the artist entity, and autobiographical material.


Mouse in Residence
published by Spector Books
English edition
150 pages
11 x 18 cm
ISBN: 9783959055031
November 2021

Fahrenbuhl is a secluded artist residency, inhabited by two mice. It sits in the beautiful, bucolic countryside. Such rural areas are known for their peace and tranquility. A place where one can reflect and nurture ones creativity. However, seclusion and isolation can dampen the spirits. If one wants to preserve paradise, radical means might become necessary. When a mouse decides to play God, paradise quickly transforms into a landscape of suspicion and sabotage.

THE ARTIST Collection

The Artist Sammelband
published by Reprodukt
German edition
200 pages
16,5 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-3-95640-309-5
March 2022

Book 1 and 2 of the famous The Artist comics plus 2 bonus short stories (including the one I drew for The Museum of Modern Art) in ONE beautiful hardcover edition! A must-have for The Artist fans!

THE ARTIST–Ode an die Feder

The Artist – Ode an die Feder
published by Reprodukt
German Edition
translated from English by Marcel Beyer
128 pages
21 x 27 cm
printed in 4 spot colors
linen hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95640-220-3
October 2021

The 3rd book of The Artist series is a big bird opera–telling the drama of the rise and the fall of The Artist in poems and songs. Lots has changed since the first two books; The Artist became pretty successful in the meantime, has big museum shows and owns a ton of money. He has everything he has always wanted. And yet his life is one big drama, because he is still a weepy, sensitive artist. He feels excluded from the art market, his love leaves him and he mourns his creative period in poverty.
After four years in the making I am happily presenting what might be my weirdest comic book so far.
Thank you so much Aeni Kaiser for the fantastic Graphic Design (It's a stunner!) and Marcel Beyer who translated the poems I wrote in English into the most gentle German!!


published by Misma Editions
French Edition
96 pages
22 x 28,5 cm
printed in 4 spot colors
ISBN: 978-2-916254-87-6
August 2021

about Schappi in the Libération

Sélection Officielle of the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême (FR) 2022

Residenz Fahrenbühl

Fahrenbühl is a remote artists’ residence inhabited by two mice. It’s the most beautiful place in the world. People say that living in the country makes you calm and thoughtful. Yet the insipidness of a life of seclusion can start to get you down. If you want to safeguard paradise, you need to take radical measures. Here, there’s no difference between a mouse and God.

Residenz Fahrenbühl
published by Spector Books
Volte #10
German Edition
150 pages
11 x 18 cm
ISBN: 9783959054348
March 2021

GNOCCHI GNOCCHI - Who's there?

Gnocchi Gnocchi - who‘s there? a picture book by Stefanie Leinhos and Anna Haifisch.
„Life is a combination of magic and Pasta“ - Federico Fellini

Gnocchi Gnocchi - Who's there?
published by Colorama Books, get it here
28 Pages
21 x 26 cm
4 Color Riso Print
Screen printed cover
Fussilli binding
Linguine reading sign
drawn in Leipzig
May 2020


SCHAPPI is a collection of five animal short stories including Die Halle der edlen Schnitzwerke, Das Mausglas, Fuji-San, Brief an Wiesel and A Proud Race

published by Rotopol
German Edition
92 pages
20 x 25.5 cm
5 spot colors
japanese dust cover
ISBN 9783964510082
September 2019


I can't find my Shoes
published by Colorama
16 pages
17 x 25 cm
4 color risograph
edition of 600
March 2019

PRESS 2018

at Hazlitt by Matthew James-Wilson
at Vice by Nick Gazin
in Forge Art Mag by Matthew James-Wilson (loooong)
at Booooooom
at the Herald Scotland by Teddy Jamieson

My Books made it on several 5 Best Comics of 2018 lists at The Comics Journal

Won a Sondermann Förderpreis. Otto Waalkes, too.


Deals and deception are afoot at the 42nd Animal Summit, held in the Elephants' province. Will the Hyena convince the others to invest sustainably in his region? What of the riots in the Deep Sea? And can a crocodile fall in love with a snake? A zoological political drama for not-quite all ages.

The Mouse Glass
published by Perfectly Acceptable Press
English Edition
24 pages
20 x 25,5 cm (7.75 x 10")
4 color Riso
Print Edition of 600
November 2018

Review at The Comics Jounral by Oliver Ristau


The second season (book) of The Artist
published by Reprodukt
German Edition
112 pages
16,5 x 22cm
ISBN 978-3-95640-123-7
October 2017


The first season (book) of The Artist
published by Reprodukt
German Edition
64 pages
16,5 x 22cm
ISBN 978-3-95640-032-2
October 2016


The 2nd Season of The Artist
published by MISMA
French Edition
112 pages
16,5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-2-916254-66-1
October 2018

Sélection Officielle of the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême (FR) 2019


The 1st season of The Artist
published by MISMA
French Edition
64 pages
16,5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-2-916254-54-8
October 2016


The 2nd Season of The Artist
published by Breakdown Press
English Edition
104 pages
16,5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-1-911081-07-4
March 2019


The first season of The Artist
published by Breakdown Press
English Edition
64 pages
16,5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-1-911081-00-5
March 2016

The Artist was nominated for an L.A. Times Book Prize.


UK (buy it from Breakdwon Press)
AIGA Eye on Design
For Books Sake
The Herald Scotland
Turnaround UK
Women write about Comics
It's nice that

CANADA / US (buy it from Fantagraphics)
"Nick Gazins comic book love in", interview, VICE
"10 Cartoonists Every Art Lover Needs to Know", Artsy
Interview by Robin McConnell, Inkstuds
Left me wanting more by Shawn Starr

GERMANY (buy it from Reprodukt)
Art Magazin by Oliver Ristau
Sueddeutsche Zeitung by Heiner Lünstedt
BR Puls
Wiener Zeitung
"Die Kunst des Überlebens", Tagesspiegel
"Katastrophen sind einfach lustiger als Erfolg“, Taz
"Comiczeichner ist ein einsamer Job", Deutschlandfunk Corso

FRANCE (buy it from Misma)
VICE France


Von Spatz
published by Drawn & Quarterly
English Edition
68 pages
6.6" x 8.7"
October 2018


Von Spatz
published by Rotopol
German Edition
68 pages
18 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-3-940304-97-1
October 2015


Clinique Von Spatz
published by Misma
French Edition
68 pages
18 x 23 cm
October 2015


CAN / US (buy it from Drawn & Quarterly)
The Comics Jounal by Brian Nicholson
Publishers Weekly
High Low by Rob Clough
Gizmodo by Evan Narcisse
The Vulture by Abraham Riesman
The Toronto Star
AIGA Eye on Design by Meg Miller

Anna Haifisch's revitalising and joyful comics Itsnicethat by Lucy Burton

GERMANY (buy it from Rotopol)
Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung FAZ by Andreas Platthaus
TAZ by Katja Lüthge
Strapazin by Christian Gasser
Die ZEIT by Michael Brake


Of love and lemurs, dogs and devotion, The New Yorker and new ardor. A poetic, illuminated treatise on affection by Anna Haifisch.

published by Perfectly Acceptable Press
English Edition
20 pages
11" x 13"
4 color Riso Print
coil bound
edition of 400
September 2017


"Anna Haifisch bends the rules of comics in new floppy and
oversized book, Drifter"
, It's Nice That

Printed Matter NYC
Sequentialstate by Alex Hoffman
The Comics Journal by Brian Nicholson

Art Magazin by Oliver Ristau


A collection of four series of prints.

Don't Worry
published by Perfectly Acceptable Press
English Edition
24 pages
6.25" x 7"
4 color Riso Print
edition of 400 (3rd printing)
April 2015


Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop
June 09 - September 02, 2024

Majestätische Vögel der Lebensmittelindustrie
Revue Lagon, Le chemin de terre
Centre Pompidou, Paris
May 29 - August 19, 2024

Souris au bec
at Musée Tomi Ungerer - Centre international de L'Illustration in Strasbourg
October 20, 2023 until April 7, 2024
curated by Anna Sailer (huge Thank You!!)
Music set at the opening by Zad Kokar
Photos ©Mathieu Bertola, Musées de la ville de Strasbourg

Ocular Witness – Schweinebewusstsein
at Sprengel Museum Hannover
August 23 - November 5, 2023
An exhibition about humans and pigs and ultimately the world
curated by Inka Schube
participating artists: Max Baumann, Frank Berger, Felix Bielmeier, Pierre Bismuth, Anetta Mona Chişa und Lucia Tkáčová, Anna Haifisch, Jochen Lempert, Arne Schmitt, Wenke Seemann, Maria Sewcz, Maria Sturm, Andrzej Steinbach, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and Heidi Specker.
I drew 11 portraits of Anja Koch's prolific pigs, the Fläminger Weideschweine, who are lucky to escape the global meat industry. Each pig is named by Anja, their owner, and can truly live a lush life of grass and puddles on a small piece of land between Leipzig and Berlin.
The excellent portrayed pigs were Aschenputtel, Dropsi, Miliszka, Gretel, Eberhard, Hildegard, Roswitata, Klee, Mohn, Wilma and Kuno.

The Artist at Museum Folkwang, Essen
"The Collection of Snavel von Vogel"
The comic character The Artist (Snavel von Vogel) presents his pristine collection of rare and obscure books in the reading room of Museum Folkwang.
Opening July 14, 2023 – open end
Thank you to curator Anna Brohm! To Peter Daners! And Folkwang director Peter Gorschlüter!

Kunsthalle Osnabrück
June 25, 2022 - March 5, 2023
all photos ©Lucie Marsmann
A big thank you to the whole team at KHO! Especially curators Anna Jehle and Juliane Schickedanz!! And Andreas Zelle!


Abendruhe, sanftes Rauschen
Es schwächt mich das Getrudel
Ich würd so gern mein Leben tauschen
ach wär ich eine Nudel

Ich aß ein karges Abendbrot
allein in düstrem Schmerz
Was pocht so laut im Abendrot
Es ist mein armes kleines Herz

Weil ich gar keine Seele seh
wer soll ein Werk hier schaffen
ich lieg in meinem Atelier
besiegt von einem Affen

Diese Stadt ist zugemauert
wie ich hier drin verstaube
Mein Gemüt ist schlimm erschauert
ich wär so gern ne Taube

Chez Schnabel
Anna Haifisch
LVZ Art Prize 2022
March 9 - July 3, 2022
Museum der bildenden Künste
Leipzig, Germany

Supper is ready!
My show at Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig is almost up and running.
March 10 - July 3, 2022
LVZ Art Prize 2022
Opening reception March 9, 6 pm
Mdbk Leipzig
Katharinenstraße 10
04109 Leipzig
See you there!!

THE ARTIST - Songs to the Feather
at Mom Art Space
during Comicfestival Hamburg
September 30 – October 3, 2021

Comicfestival Hamburg is my favorite German comic festival and I was so happy when the organisers invited me to exhibit my new book The Artist -Ode an die Feder. I want to thank the fantastic team who organised the festival and especially Simon Klingler who collated and built this show with me.

Gabriela Jolowicz and Anna Haifisch
September 18 – October 23, 2021
Thaler Originalgrafik
The Artist is back! Full force! Kurz bevor die große Vogeloper, mein wahnwitzigstes Werk, erscheint, zeige ich eine Serie von 8 Plakaten mit dem zittrigen Künstlervogel in Ulrich Thalers Galerie. Zur Feier des Tages hält The Artist ausnahmsweise mal den Schnabel. Jetzt wo er berühmt ist, wird ü b e r ihn gesprochen – so wie er es sich immer gewünscht hat. Ein Strom mehr oder weniger schmeichelhafter Erinnerungen und Behauptungen ehemaliger WeggefährtInnen mischt sich mit Tuschezeichnungen auf einer großen Wandarbeit. Zur Ausstellung erscheint eine Edition von 4 Siebdrucken — 59,4 x 84 cm, Auflage 30, gedruckt von der Handsiebdruckerei in Berlin.
Gabriela zeigt eine riesige Menge an Holzschnitten von wilden Zeiten in Salzgitter, Swindon und Reinickendorf. Stilleben eines verwüsteten Schreibtischs, ICE Interieur, Handy Screens, Barabende und Familienszenen. Zur Ausstellung erscheint ihr neues Buch Megabillig 2 (Lubok Verlag) mit 24 original Holzschnitten. Gedruckt auf Thomas Siemons Zylinderpresse „Präsident“! Gabi-San ist Meisterin der radikalen Holzschnitte und ich freu mich so sehr, dass wir, mehr als 10 Jahre nach unserem Studium, endlich zusammen ausstellen!!

Tiere des Sommers
ASPN Gallery
Aneta Kajzer, Anna Haifisch, Harry Hachmeister, Heike Geißler, Sophia Süßmilch and Michael Ludwig
July 31– August 28, 2021

THE ARTIST x GfZK! „Am Ende diese Arbeit“, curated by Julia Schäfer, Nam Nguyen and Franciska Zólyom. With works by Till Exit, Ramon Haze, Anna Witt, fabrics interseason, Sarah Morris, Maren Roloff, Andrea Büttner, Céline Condorelli, Dan Peterman, Gitte Villesen, Anna Haifisch. Photos by Alexandra Ivanciu
January 2020 - March 2021

Watch the reading of the book Residenz Fahrenbühl (in German) as part of Amelie von Wulffens Exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin.

Who's that Dog I saw you with?
Bistro 21
with Stefanie Leinhos
26 October - 12 November, 2021

Gallery Nathalie Halgand,Vienna
Jakob Buchner, Hélène Fauquet, Anna Haifisch, Valentin Just, Katharina Schilling, Astrid Wagner and Kathrin Wojtowicz
"Grüne Hünde", 2018, 18 x 8 cm, Fimo

I'm praying to my bro 'Comic Jeezy'.
Originals of 'The Artist' and 'Von Spatz' are on view at Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg.

THE ARTIST solo show
Museum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz
July 28 - October 8, 2017

@ Gallery Diana Lambert, Vienna
July 1 - 29, 2016
FOTOS --->


6 pages for Pluie
published by Lagon Revue
edited by Séverine Bascouert, Sammy Stein, Jean-Philippe Bretin and Gaspard Laurent
312 pages, offset printed with 9 colors on different paper
May 2024

edited by Natasha Llorens (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm)
design and image editing by Martin Groch
Riso printed 2023

The Chess Review
an hommage to the great game of chess
12 pages
15,5 x 21,5 cm
for PLAINE published by Lagon Revue
December 2022

THE ARTIST x Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst, a comic book for the (young) visitors. I drew and wrote about some of the artworks from their pristine collection shown at WIE WIR SIND 3.0 until January 2022. Big thanks to Ingo Clauss and Janneke de Vries for curating this project and Fancy Leiste for the Layout! 20 pages, 21 x 27 cm, printed in 4 spot colors, edition of 3000, get it here. October 2021

THE ARTIST x ELEMENTS, a publication edited by Offshore Studio and Jessica Gysel and published by Jan Van Eyck Academy, July 2021

Sheila, Aeni, Rebecca and Anna. Wrapped Strudel Birds for the Glossary of Undisciplined Design. GUD looks into undisciplinarity as a feminist unpacking of the field of graphic design and is a joint initiative instigated by designer/educators Anja Kaiser and Rebecca Stephany. 312 pages, 20 contributors, 52 entries, 3 spot colors! Published by Spector Books, May 2021

THE ARTIST x MoMA! A 9 page short story for The Museum of Modern Art. The Artist and Ivan attend a terrible collectors dinner where The Artist gets wrapped up in a stupid lie. He needs to make up for it as fast as possible. Time is running! Read the whole story here on MoMAs website.

Best German Comic Artist!! Thank you Comicsalon Erlangen! Thank you, Jury! Thank you Rotopol and Reprodukt! Cheers to Jutta!

The Hall of the Bright Carvings, a 12 page story for Kramers Ergot 10. Out with Fantagraphics. Curated by Sammy Harkham. Cover by Lale Westvind. A gigantic beautiful book!

I am reading from The Artist at Itsnicethats Nicer Tuesdays in London, November 2018.

Fuji-San, an old rabbit reflects on his life, Kabinett Heft #41, 16 pages, 1 color offset, 13 x 18 cm, Fall 2018

In the shops! loads of smash comics from Le Monde diplomatique 2016-2018, curated by Karoline Bofinger and published by Reprodukt. I have a comic in there and drew the cover. Get it here.

Our saviour and fav featherboy, The Artist, is soon going to emerge from his hideout. Not sure how and when exactly but I'm working hard on figuring that out. In the meantime read the previous episodes over at VICE. Stay tuned!

This is the last THE ARTIST episode of season 2. Read the whole thing over at VICE. Follow the instructions. Chill.
Thank you all!

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 24, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST x TEXTE ZUR KUNST, "On Curation", TZK104, The Individual

when human rights are a laugh. I drew this comic for "Le Monde Diplomatique".

EDIT 70 comes with a sensual cover and an Artist spin-off comic called "The Writer"

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 23, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 22, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 21, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 20, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 19, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 18, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 17, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 16, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST Interlude ON BIRDS, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 15, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 14, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 13, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 12, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 11, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 10, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 9, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 8, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 7 'ART RAP', read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 6 'ART RAP', read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 5, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 4, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 3, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 2, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST season 2 episode 1, read the whole comic over at VICE.

"Can we talk?", for The Lifted Brow

Club Articho for children or readers of a mental age of 7-13yrs. With comics by Antoine Marchalot, Chamo, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Paul Loubet, Christian Aubrun, Elga Libano, Aisha Franz, Didixtra, Lionel Serre, Yassine, Anna Haifisch, Maïa Roger, Jeanette, Jamy, Olivier Schrauwen & Anouk Ricard

The last THE ARTIST #20 episode is up, read the whole comic over at VICE.
Stay tuned for more episodes on this site around april/may 2016.

THE ARTIST #19, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #18, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #17, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #16, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #15, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #14, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #13, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #12, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #11, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #10, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #9, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #8, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #7, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #6, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #5, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #4, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #3, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #2, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #1, read the whole comic over at VICE.

For kuš #21 Business Time. Buy your copy here./ cover ©Brecht Vandenbroucke
Ich bin der Sohn Fudo-Sans. Mein Leben gehört den Messern. ich bin der talentierteste Sashimi-Slicer der Präfektur Kyoto und der ganzen Kansai Region. Stechen, schlitzen, schnetzeln – niemand ist präziser als ich und dafür werde ich geliebt. Wenn die Sonne hinter dem Tengu untergeht, lege ich mein Messer beiseite und betrachte den Mond. Was gibt es noch da draußen für eine 28-jährige Ratte?

I filmed this on our trip to the Fumetto Comic Festival in Lucerne. Fumetto is cool!

The Millionaires Club 2014 w/ James Turek


eel for Frieze
Issue 241
March, 2024

a boring electric car for The New York Times Opinion
April 8, 2024

of mice and amphibians for Der Spiegel 14/2024
March 28, 2024

Crypto, stocks and all the things I have no clue of... for Die Zeit
March 14, 2024

Watchdogs for Bloomberg Businessweek
December 11, 2023

Goldilocks and the three bears for Bloomberg Businessweek
November 13, 2023

Drawing for The New York Times
November, 2023

Drawings for Suhrkamp Theater Magazin 2024
graphic design by Studio Hanli
November, 2023

Tooth City
drawing for Bloomberg Businessweek
September 4, 2023

Die Zeit
July 20, 2023

13 drawings for the programme of Museum Folkwang
July, 2023

The New Yorker
June 26, 2023

Drawings for Bloomberg Businessweek, April 10, 2023

Drawings for WOZ Die Wochenzeitung, March 23, 2023

Missing C.E.O.'s for The New York Times, February 21, 2023

Drawing for Villa Aurora and Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles
December, 2022

Ready America
for Sueddeutsche Zeitung Art Special
December, 2022

Happy 100th Birthday, Charles Schulz! The greatest cartoonist of all times!
Essay and Drawing for Tagesspiegel
November, 2022

Ants for DIE ZEIT
September 1, 2022

SZ Magazin
July 8, 2022

Burgtheater Magazin, #3 Korrekturen
Illustrations for plays by Rainald Goetz (Reich des Todes), William Shakespeare (Der Sturm) and Edmond Rostand (Cyrano de Bergerac)
Vienna, Austria, March 2022

7 illustrations for Personalmagazin 05/2022

Ringelpiez for DIE ZEIT, February 10, 2022

SZ Magazin
May 28 2021

Sad Desk Penne for The New Yorker
March 29, 2021

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin
Jan 15 2021

El Pais, S MODA, DEC 2020

Frieze #214, October 2020

Drawing for The New Yorker, short story "Demolition" by Fiona McFarlane
May 25, 2020

7 Drawings for Marcel Beyers Exzess und Entzug - Ferres vor Gurski - Ferres vor Immendorf, published by Spector Books, April 2020

The Taking of Hampstead Heath, an almost perfect art heist
a 6 page comic for Bloomberg Businessweek
Text by James Tarmy
June 2020

Drawings for DIE ZEIT
Dec 03, 2020

Drawings for DIE ZEIT
Nov 26, 2020

for Bloomberg Green / November 2020

A seussian machine for Bloomberg Businessweek. October 2020

Dog for SZ Magazin
September 2020

Dog Days for DOGS MAGAZINE, July 2020

Seven Frog drawings for Schauspielhaus Bochum. Art direction and design by The Laboratory by Manuel Bürger and Larissa Leich

Drawing for Die Zeit, June 18, 2020

Follow me! I'll show you the worlds famous dog house. Drawing for Dogs Magazine, June 2020

The Berater is in, Drawing for DOGS Magazin, April 2020

Mutter Maria Bibo in todays Sueddeutsche Zeitung Feuilleton, April 21st, 2020

Birdhoven for Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. 250 years of Ludwig van Beethoven. Happy Birthday.

It's not Corona, it's Zwingerhusten! Drawing for Dogs Magazine, Jan 2020

Sorry Bud, your name is not on the list. Drawing for DOGS Magazine, Oct 2019

a lonely budgie for DIE ZEIT, Oct 30 2019

Drawings for ZEIT Campus, Oct 2019

Album art work for Lassie. Smash layout by Fuzzgun (Marian Bodenstein)

Botox bandits on the loose. Part one of a series for The Guardian US, Oct 2019

For AIGA - Eye on Design - Magazine 05 "Distraction" issue, July 2019

Drawings for a very manly article over at Die Zeit / August 2019

Cover for DET GRYMMA SVÄRDET, a swedish comic magazine by Lystring Vorlag. August 2019

Drawings for ZEIT. July 2019

Boom Boom Boom, I‘m a Graphic Designer! Comics for It's Nice That and Adobe Stock about the process of designing logos and visual identities. Big hugs to Connor Campbell and Lucy Bourton for working on this with me.

Big in Frankfurt, The Artist made it on todays FAZ Feulleton, Feb 2018

Forget about stupid Kevin. This tape from my friends over at Riso Club Leipzig is deece. LE East Shit-Core mixed with Rock'n'Riso Jingle Ballz from Sina Schindler and Marian Fuzzgun Bodenstein.

Doing things the wrong way since 1986. Drawings for Süddeutsche Magazin 01/2018

Drawings for a weekly column for Die Zeit. Two people moved into their van and drove around Germany, etc.

Notable Balts, a book I made with students from the Baltic countries. With loads of help from Goethe Institut Riga, David Schilter from kuš! Comics and Lukas Weidinger!

Was fun to draw the new architecture of Elbphilharmonie Hamburg for their magazine.

Anteater for SZ Familie. June 2018

Drawings for enorm Magazin. June 2018

If you've ever been an intern you might relate to this. Illustrations for Zeit Campus, April 10th 2018

Illustrations for Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. March 16th 2018

Series of 3 postcards for Rotopol

Drawings for Konfuzius Magazine. About the generation of young people born in the 90ies in China. Sandwiched between communism and consumerism. Between their parents and autonomy.

Instead of drawing silly birds It's nice that asked me to write poems for their collaboration with Dropbox.
including such gems as

Embrace poseidons vision
Ooh, waters alluring elegance
I’m fine, I’m fine!
What a jelly life


Bloody Ferdinand,
I’ll burn your house 
on Paper St
Oh I wish you weren’t here

Here is the final website.

Illustrations for National Public Radio about the music festival Küchwaldrauschen.

Illustration for SZ Magazin

Gänse für DIE ZEIT, 15.12.2016

The Swimmer, illustrations for Die Zeit

Illustration about nazi scum in saxony. For taz. Read the whole article here.

Illustrations and wall paintings for GrazMuseum, Austria.

Billboard in Brooklyn zur US-Wahl 2008
mit Wolfy, Karl LaRocca und Christeen Francis

Poster / Printmaking

Alles hat seinen Preis / Everything has its price
4 riso prints for Folkwang Kunstring
printed by Colorama
30 x 40 cm
edition of 100
signed and numbered
December 2023

The Guardians
4 screen prints of 4 most loyal watchdogs in a beautiful hand printed box
in collaboration with Le Raclet
30 x 40 cm
edition of 100
signed and numbered
comes with a certificate of authenticity
September 2023

New Mexico 1-6
edition for Griffelkunst
four 4 color screen prints
21 x 27 cm
two 1 color screen prints
42 x 54 cm
edition of 400
printed by Phillip Janta and Andrea Rausch
October 2023

Have a nice day
edition for Palais Mai
3 color screen print
21 x 27 cm
edition of 400
printed by Phillip Janta and Andrea Rausch
February 2023

Apero Spatz at Gare de l'Est for 50 years of the Festival Interntional de la Bande Dessinée d'Angouleme
January 2023

Here's the life I've always longed for
3 color screen print
42 x 54,9 cm
printed by Le Raclet, Berlin
September 2022

also find the prints at the 3rd edition of THE PRINTERS’ PRINTS
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9th at LE RACLET studio in Berlin Kreuzberg!
From 5pm to 10pm

Drawing for Stockholm Comicfest. May 20-22, 2022

The Artist x KV Leipzig
scrap ticket for the annual raffle at Kunstverein Leipzig
3 color screen print
21 x 26 cm
printed by Phillip Janta and Andrea Rausch
July 2022

"Bitte um ein Stück Kuchen"
a banner for "Außenseiten" - a collaboration between Haus am Wehrsteg and Sammlung Prinzhorn. I had the chance to visit the archive of the Prinzhhorn collection in Heidelberg, Germany. I totally recommend going there. It is the biggest collection of artworks from patients of mental institutions from the late 19th century until the present in Germany. I saw wonderful drawings and paintings by August Natterer, Elisabeth Faulhaber, Adolph Schudel, Oskar Voll, Fall 411, Gustav Sievers, Helene Maisch and many more.
photo ©Philipp Rothe
Heidelberg, Germany
February 2022

Ch ch ch changes
Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig / Museum der Bildendenden Künste Leipzig
Spring 2022

Drifter in Dortmund, Germany
NOV 16-25, DEC 7-16, 2021
A project by Dortmund Kreativ
Photos © Christian Weyers

The Artist x Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst
Edition of 4 screen prints
21 x 27 cm
Editon of 60
printed by Janta Island and Andrea Rausch
30 €
curated by Ingo Clauss and Janneke de Vries
get them here

Edition of 4 screen prints for the exhibition AMONG US at Thaler Originalgrafik
59,4 x 84 cm (A1)
Editon of 30
printed by Handsiebdruckerei Berlin
150 €
get them here

Hünd Couture, --> shop

A tribute to the best card game in the world! Scopa!
Set of 4 prints, 4 color Risography, 21 x 26 cm, edition of 100, get them here

Edition of 3 screen prints for GfZK Leipzig / for the show AM ENDE DIESE ARBEIT (until January 2021) / 3 color screen print, 50 x 70 cm, signed and numbered, edition of 50.

12 Animal Drawings for SZ Magazin. Never forget a birthday again. Perpetual Calendar in German and English, signed and numbered, drawn in Leipzig, printed by Drucken3000 in Berlin, shipped from Munich, (June 2020), Buy it here!

STOP! Don't move! Everything is on hold! STILL LIFE 1-3, Set of 3 Riso Prints, 21 x 25 cm, signed and numbered, edtion of 100, printed in Berlin by Colorama, get it here

It's Alright 1-4, screen printed series, 4 colors, 21 x 26,9 cm, signed and numbered, edtion of 50, get a print here

Some posters for our Comic and Printmaking Festival The Millionaires Club (2013-2020)

Get this poster here.

Poster for Zine Not Dead in Seattle

Poster for Short Run Seattle

Spinnerei Rundgang Leipzig, spring 2018

Poster for the North American release of Von Spatz, Drawn and Quarterly 2018

Carotte Triste 1-4, 3 color screen prints, 19 x 27,7 cm, signed and numbered, edition of 30

New screen prints: Golden Tide, Hayashi Slacks, Spaghetti Hair and Hippie Vines
3 colors, 19 x 25 cm, signed and numbered, edition of 30

Riso poster for Family Store UK

I am that seal. For The Smudge, Tan n Loose Press, Chicago

Poster for The Artist comic reading at Bloc Books

The Artist reading in Angouleme, France. Presented by Misma Editions

The Artist release party at Gosh! Comics, London. Published by Breakdown Press

Background posters for the German table in Angouleme, France (2016)

SINCLAIRS, RISO poster, Tan n Loose Press, Chicago 2016

Poster for Safari. I'll be there.

CHIN TIKI for Kayrock Fresh Prints.
Chin Tiki tears...
Always hope for the best.

'YOU' set, 3 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, edition of 30

'Oh oh' set, 4 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, edition of 30

Kalifornien, 4 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, shattered dreams, lonely tacos


The Artist, 3 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, sad and moving

posters for comic readings

Poster for Fanzine Camping, also on FB

Textiles / Objects

Friedrichs Hünde
KPM LAB Bowl edition
präsentiert von KPM Berlin und Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin
Alcmène, Thisbe, Phillis, Arsinoe, Biche und Superbe waren Friedrich des Großen liebste Hünde und zieren die eleganten Breischüsseln aus der LAB Serie der Königlichen Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin.
Friedrich verehrte seine Windspiele wegen ihres sensiblen und zärtlichen Charakters und wies an, dass man seine Tiere auf Schloß Sanssouci siezte und auf französisch ansprach. Er liebte die zittrige Munterkeit seiner Hunde, die ihm engste Freunde und Freundinnen waren, deren Tod er beweinte und die neben ihrem Herren begraben sind.
Superbe († 1763) saß auf Friedrichs Sterbebett und als der schwache König sah, dass seine Hündin vor Kälte zitterte, flüsterte er: Wärmen Sie Superbe mit Kissen.“ Seine letzten Worte.

Casper David Drama Dog
cover artwork and tea towel for Shiva & The Destroyer
released by Planet akwa
October 2023

First and second edition of scarfs for Kunsthalle Osnabrück
December 2022 / January 2023
dog photo ©Daniel Richter/ photos 2,3 & 4 ©Kunsthalle Osnabrück

Anna Haifisch x Dortmunder Kunstverein
Hünd Couture
silk scarf, 90 x 90 cm, 2021
edition of 20 + 10AP

Natürlich kann nicht das ganze Leben einen König haben, denn in welchen Zeiten leben wir denn. Es steht aber fest, dass das ganze Leben eine Königin haben und dass diese Königin ein Haifisch sein kann. Pardon: eine Haifisch. Die Haifisch, die hat Zähne, ja, aber sie ist kein Raubtier, sondern eine liebevolle, an gängigen Monarchien gänzlich uninteressierte Königin im Gewand und mit dem Verstand derer, die sagen: Der Kaiser ist nackt. Sie ist eine Königin, die zu entmachten und zu krönen weiß, wie man sieht. Sie krönt Dinge zu Kronen, wirklich, sie krönt einen Hund, der vielleicht Jean de Brunhoff heißt, sie kann alle und alles krönen, und wer eben noch kein König, keine Königin war, kann es gleich schon sein. Das ist ein Märchen von heute.
Text: Heike Geißler

Artist in Residence
Mouse Sweater
released with the book Residenz Fahrenbühl
Spector Books
Mouse Model: Hannes Drißner

Hünde / Dögs / Chiëns
Boxershorts and Bedlinen for Lousy Livin

Limited Art Edition "The Artist"
2 Color Blanket
Limited Art Edition / comes with a signed and numbered plate
185 x 150 cm / 6 x 4.9 ft
100 % Organic Cotton
Made in Germany

Scopa shirt for RFI and Cleptomanicx

Towels for Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. Order your frogs here!

Wiener Times made a Haifisch object!

A blanket for Colorama

Dog Sweater Hündtisse (Sold Out)


photo: © Matthew James-Wilson

Leipzig, Germany



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AM-BOOK agency

Beca Ratón (Spanish), Apa-Apa Comics, 2023
Fahrenbühl (Swedish), Lystring Forlag, 2023
Schappi (English), Fantagraphics, 2022
Souris en Residence (French), Misma Editions, 2022
Chez Schnabel (German / English), Spector Books, 2022
The Artist Collection (German), Reprodukt, 2022
The Artist Collection (Swedish), Lystring Forlag, 2022
Mouse in Residence (English), Spector Books, 2021
The Artist 3 Ode an die Feder (German), Reprodukt, 2021
Von Spatz (Swedish), Lystring Forlag, 2021
Schappi (French), Misma Editions, 2021
Residenz Fahrenbühl (German), Spector Books, 2021
Gnocchi Gnocchi - Who's there? (English), Colorama, 2020
Schappi (German), Rotopol, 2019
The Artist (Italian), Eris Edizioni, 2019
I can't find my shoes (English), Colorama, 2019
The Artist 1 (Russian), Confederation, 2019
The Mouse Glass (English), Perfectly Acceptable Press, 2018
Fuji-San (German), Kabinett, 2018
The Artist 2 The Circle of Life (English), Breakdownpress, 2018
The Artist 2 Le Cycle Éternel (French), Misma, 2018
Von Spatz (English), Drawn and Quarterly, 2018
The Artist 2 Der Schnabelprinz (German), Reprodukt, 2017
The Artist 1 (Spanish), Reservoir Books, 2017
Drifter (English), Perfectly Acceptable Press, 2017 (out of print)
The Artist 1 (French), Misma, 2016
The Artist 1 (English), Breakdownpress, 2016
The Artist 1 (German), Reprodukt, 2016
Clinique Von Spatz (French), Misma, 2015
Von Spatz (German), Rotopol, 2015
Don't Worry (English), Perfectly Acceptable Press, 2015 (out of print)

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